About Sarah: I'm a change maker, a catalyst, a visionary and a dreamer. I have a fierce commitment to community engagement and a personal interest in education, health and human services, affordable housing, innovation and advocacy. I love making strategic connections between people, companies and organizations to contribute to growth and positive social change that strengthens inclusiveness and equity for all people. I strive to find common ground from which to facilitate meaningful change in how we engage with, learn from and grow with each other. After 15 years of fundraising in the nonprofit sector, I moved into the public sector in 2015 with an opportunity to drive strategy for community engagement across my home state of Colorado.


When I’m not “out there” making connections and driving community change, I’m tucked in with my family, cooking, gardening, practicing yoga and going for the occasional run (shuffle). I’ve been married to my best friend Jim since 2006 and am the proud mama of an extraordinary daughter with special needs.


What does STRONG mean to you?

I had to learn how to do this thing we call motherhood. I didn’t like babies when I was growing up, I had never changed a diaper and becoming a mama at 36 years old, I was far beyond the time in my life where staying up all night came easy. So to me, strong means the ability to show up, to change, and to grow. Each day is a new choice. I’m far from perfect but I try to practice a little each day because when I learn and connect, so does my daughter and so does my community.