Coming Home to YOU this Fall

Dearest Mama,

I write to you from San Diego on a brisk morning in my cozy sweater with a cup of hot water and lemon in hand. Fall is officially here.

Just like in nature, for many of us, Fall is a time of change and transition. For me it’s my most motivating and creative season. It’s a time to clear out the old and make space for the new -more aligned- woman that I am Becoming. I feel deeply called to ditch material things, thought patterns, and ways of being that no longer serve me anymore.

As my kids are growing I see that Fall is also a very transitional time for them. As I shepherd them through their lives, I see that as their Mother, I’m called to adopt new routines to support their well-being during this time of change. So over the last few weeks we’ve established new family rhythms with the intention that they will serve our highest and best good. … but do they?

It can be easy to get lost in the midst of the mental business of new routines and rhythms though.

If I’m not aware, I notice my focus unconsciously drifting toward the (seemingly) never ending “To-Do” list. It feels all-consuming and very quickly I lose sight of the things that matter most to me. I get tired, overwhelmed, and feel uninspired. This is when I know that “it's time” to make my own well being TOP priority. When I am filled up and feeling connected to my body and my intuition - I can be more fully present with my tribe.

It's important to acknowledge that just like our kids experience “growing pains”, we do too. But for us they’re not so much physical as they are emotional. What are your “growing pains” trying to tell you? What are you craving most right now? …. soulful connections with like minded people? A deeper connection to your body? What feelings do you want to experience more of? Confidence? Freedom, Connectedness? Joy?

Go inward. Take a deep breath and slow down your thinking. From a quiet mind, ask yourself these questions and allow your response to emerge through your intuition. The answers live inside of you. Awareness of what you desire most is the first step.

With gratitude,

Ciara Burton

Co Creator of the San Diego SAAMS + founder of the Motherhood Unplugged Virtual Series

A Note from the Author:

You may remember me as a speaker at the Summit in San Diego earlier this year. Out of that talk came the birth of a group program called Motherhood Unplugged: A 5-part series to explore the Q, "Who am I if Im not just a mom?" Together in a virtual format we will explore the following categories Health, Relationships, Creativity, Career/Contribution with the aim to draw closer to the Self; our inner guidance system. If you would like more information about this program starting this Fall, please email me, ciara@ciaraburton for details.