Session: Transforming an Unfamiliar Woman Into an Intuitively Connected Mother

What happens to a woman mentally, emotionally and spiritually when she becomes a mother? 

In this workshop, Melissa will walk you through the early motherhood journey from a spiritual perspective, notating significant cornerstones that transform an unfamiliar woman into an intuitively connected mother. Through stories of personal experience and ancient mystical teachings, Melissa will help you make sense of what you may feel and experience but can't put into words. The intent of this workshop is to demystify the often nebulous experience of becoming and being a new momma.

About Melissa: In the first twenty two years of my life, I was sexually abused, in a near fatal car accident, diagnosed with cancer, had a miscarriage, contemplated suicide, suffered from extreme anxiety, married, divorced and declared bankruptcy. I also had a serious drinking problem.


As an atheist, I didn't have a reason to believe anything outside of me would help me. So, I decided that if I were going to choose to live, I needed to heal myself. I began practicing yoga, meditation, clean eating and listening to my intuition.


Somewhere along my healing journey, the Light tunneled through the layers of wounding and gave me glimpse of what being "spiritual" felt like. It felt peaceful. It felt hopeful. It felt like freedom. I pursued the Light with passion and devotion. It pursued me in return.


Fourteen years later, I sit at my desk, enjoying the smell of freshly cut roses from my garden. I kiss my husband and three children as they shuffle out the door on this beautiful day. I smile and day dream for a moment about the sickly, angry, firey, inspired, courageous warrior who risked everything she had for a life she could sense was possible but had no direction on how to get there. I close my eyes and bow my head in gratitude to the Light. It gave me the fuel and the fire I needed to redeem myself, to forge a new path and to live fearlessly.


I’ve given birth to three inspiring children and one inspiring mission called MOSAIC. I’ve authored my first book #spiritinspiredsoul and I’ve lived through more intense life lessons. Each day I’ve grown closer to realizing the power of my Soul. I’ve learned that every challenge in life is filled with Light if you’re willing to look for it and sometimes, you may have to fight your way to it. It’s worth the fight.


What does STRONG mean to you?

Strong means being vulnerable to spirit moving through me, trusting it as it guides me into the unknown, being confident that I have what it takes to serve my family and my community with love, tolerance, compassion and wisdom.

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