About Marti: I am a mom to two incredible boys (Andrew, 14 and Luke almost 10), wife to Chris (17 years!) and co-owner of an investment management firm. After a career spend running hard and fast on the corporate treadmill, four years ago my body demanded a pause and re-evaluation. I was 40-years old and was sent to the hospital in an ambulance thinking I was having a heart attack. Thankfully, my heart was strong and healthy, I just had a birth defect called an Arterial Vascular Malformation in my chest that was totally treatable. The universe had delivered me a gift, an opportunity to assess and make changes. At the same time, my long-time work colleague was going through a re-evaluation of his own. And in a "what's next" conversation one day an idea emerged, and it started with a simple idea... "What if..." What if we could build a business that places our clients' needs first, what if we could create relationships that were deep and meaningful and impactful, and what if we could do all that and be more present for our families than we ever were able to be before. And out of that conversation, West End Wealth Management was born. 


Outside the office, I spend my time chasing my boys on skis and mountain bikes and cheering loudly from the soccer field and volleyball court sideline. 

What does STRONG mean to you?

My favorite definition of Strong is "able to withstand great force or pressure". The journey for me has been in accepting that I do not need to control everything and that there are different ways to achieve "strong." I have learned that my personal and family foundation is far stronger through vulnerability, openness, service and community. 

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