About Katie: I am a Holistic Medicine practitioner that believes in the power of food, acupuncture, herbal supplements and compassion. Simply I am a listener and problem solver. I wholeheartedly treat each and every one of my patients. We laugh, we cry and we bring clarity. My passions include women's health, period issues, hormone regulation, nutrition, prenatal, pediatrics and digestive health. I approach treatments from all sides; emotional impact, nutrition, supplements, lifestyle and physical pains. 


My practice is part of the health collective @wellsetdenver! We have amazing practitioners who only want what's best for our patients. We all specialize in sports medicine, prenatal and pediatrics. 


Personally I'm a mom of two wild little boys. I'm a Colorado native hailing for Evergreen, I love me some mountains and all things outdoors. If you know me you know I do not take myself very serious, silly lady to the core!

What does STRONG mean to you?

Strong is being real, the ups and downs and all in between. Strength is not perfection, it’s our “flaws” that challenge us and bring light. Life is tough and strength is pulling yourself up and dusting off. Strength is not doing it all by yourself, strong women come with a strong tribe. 

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