Session: Pleasure, Sex, Desire and Motherhood: honest guidance about the things you’ve been dying to know

This session is custom made for YOU mama! That means, I will be asking you to show up -- with your burning questions, your wonderments, and the places where you feel stuck with sex, relationships and intimacy. Let me help you untangle the knots so you will leave feeling looser and have more clarity.


I will be prepared to cover the following: 

  • Let's Talk About Desire -- how does it work, why does it matter...and where did it go?!

  • Sex After Baby(ies) -- the how's, what's and why it can improve your parenting!

  • Negotiating Gap in Desire -- that's fancy talk for your partner wants it more than you or vice versa (you will leave with tools to start using today!)

  • Don't Ever Argue About Sex Again -- some great ways to help you and your partner to drop the hurt feelings and start connecting more


Phew...all of these topics are connected of we will jump in together and my goal is to give you effective tools to begin implementing right now to improve your sex life and relationships.

About Jenny: I am a 44-yo, mother, wife, couples therapist and certified sex therapist with some authority and knowing about relationships, sex, and living a life of meaning. I believe that your life is your ashram (or classroom) attention to the gurus/teachers that are around you and you will be invited to grow in powerful and unexpected ways. Motherhood and wifedom have both been intense classrooms for me to learn about letting go of control, being powerful yet soft (receiving...aaaahhhh!), and learning how to find and trust my own knowing despite cultural norms and social media noise.


It is my mission to serve, support and guide women who want to lean in to their own personal Wilderness, through committed relationship and motherhood, so that they might feel more engaged, authentic and vital in their lives.


What does STRONG mean to you?

The beauty of strength is in its paradox: 

supple yet firm

wild yet held

rooted yet expansive

defined yet relaxed.


In our relationships with ourselves, our lovers, and our children we can be brought to our knees in finding our way to our own version of strength. 

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