Session: Creating Space for Joy: The iGeneration

The current generation, iGen or iGeneration, is growing up in a highly distracted world. Finding purpose requires focus on values. I call this "Full-Cycle Living." RaisingiGen is all about providing the tools and insights into finding purpose in our distracted world. Full Cycle Living provides the framework for parents to address their own identity and values, work as a family to frame priorities, and build this concept into raising balanced and prosperous kids that contribute their communities.

About Heather: I am a Mom of four young boys, a mentalist, an outdoor enthusiast, and a Zumba aficionado. Using my education and corporate experience in the health and well-being industry, I am committed to providing new insights to help parents raise balanced, prosperous individuals that make positive contributions in a digitally distracted world.  


For over twenty years I’ve had the opportunity to work for three fortune-100 organizations including Mayo Clinic, Johnson & Johnson, and RR Donnelley.  During my career I’ve worked with many of the most notable brands worldwide. I earned my MBA from the University of Denver with a Customized Emphasis in Wellness Management and have a degree from Gonzaga University, a Jesuit institution focused on the development of the whole person.


Drawing upon my corporate and educational experiences, I founded Intentional Prosperity that hosts several websites to serve as resources for raising the next generation based on the “Full Cycle Living” model.  In this era of distraction, it is all the more critical to have a practical framework of descriptive values that make up your personal and family “brand” to clearly have a sense of self, connection to others, and ultimately experience a sense of purpose.  


What does STRONG mean to you?

For far too long, I thought I had to do it ALL myself.  I’ve been humbled to discover that the strongest among us are those that have learned the art of building and nurturing their communities - because it really does take a community for us to rise.  Being strong is knowing our minds, hearts, and bodies must be honored and nurtured – because if we don’t take care of the “me” there isn’t much left for the “we.” Strong to me means we are brave enough to ask for help, address our areas we neglect of our own selves, and knowing when we allow others to support us – we are giving a gift that allows others to give.

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