What is the The Strong as a Mother Summit?

The Summit is a mini-retreat for moms to unplug, fill-up and feel supported knowing we are all in this together. Experience a thoughtfully curated day of connection & learning where we will celebrate both the joys and the challenges of this journey. A tribe of respected, experienced & influential speakers will lead breakout sessions on embracing the life shift that motherhood creates, nutrition and health for the ever changing female body, leaning into self-compassion and inner growth, and so much more. Move, learn, relax, nourish, laugh, celebrate & transform your motherhood journey as you embrace what it means to be strong as a mother! 

Who is the event for?

We are excited to welcome all mamas. Whether you are changing diapers, shuffling kids to high school, have a sweet baby bump in the front, actively trying to conceive or have grandchildren- this day of inspiration will provide the support & inspiration that you need.

What is included with my ticket?

Each attendee will enjoy (4) breakout sessions with our amazing presenters, a morning movement practice, drinks & snacks throughout the day, sit-down lunch, goody bag from our sponsors & celebration toast! (Did we mention 6-hours to yourself at the gorgeous Halycon in Cherry Creek?)

What should I wear? What should I bring?

We will start the day with a movement practice. Come dressed in your clothes that allow you to bend & stretch & feel awesome. There will be time after practice to change, if you'd like. Otherwise stay in your cozies for the rest of the day. Please bring a mat for your morning practice. We will have snacks and drinks to keep you fueled up until lunch.

Are we supporting any local organizations?

YES! When we work together, we can create big change. For each Summit, 10% of ticket sales and $5 for each hat sale will will always go back to local non-profits that support health, wellness and education for women & our youth. We are proud to support Florence Crittenton Services for our Denver Summit. Their mission is to educate, prepare, and empower teen mothers and their children. 

Where do I park?

You can validate your car at the hotel for $15. There is also neighborhood parking in Cherry Creek. We recommend carpooling with friends or catching a ride share. 

Where do I get that awesome hat?

Strong as a Mother hats will be for sale at the Summit. We will donate $5 from each hat sale to our local non-profit. Want to grab yours early? Head over to Hats for Heroines to purchase yours today.

Can I bring my kiddos?

While we designed this as a day away just for you, we welcome recently postpartum mommas to bring their non-walking littles. 

When will this event be in my city?

Glad you asked! We are taking this event on the road to celebrate and support as many mommas as possible . Interested in bring the Strong as a Mother Summit to your city? Let us know!