About Kelsey:

I am a mama, a Colorado native, a teacher turned techie, an Adventure Mama, a yogi, and a gatherer. I love seeing the sunrise, lifting other women up, Americanos, being in nature, and stellar vocabularies.


When I am not in mama mode to Addelyn (10), Zarra (6) and River (1), I spend my days in the Tech/Start up space. I take on many roles from sales, content creation, project management, social media marketing, and more. Any time I can, I steal moments running, traveling, rock climbing, mountain biking, or listening to Audible.


I am most jazzed, however, with my work as the Southwest Regional Coordinator for Adventure Mamas Initiative.

AMI is a nationwide nonprofit organization that supports maternal wellness. We provide educational resources, build community, and make nature and challenge-based experiences accessible to a diverse community of women throughout all phases of motherhood.


What does STRONG mean to you?

Since I was a little girl, I always prided myself as being strong; I was tough as nails and out to prove it. I thought I understood strength then, but it was not until I became a mama that I really understood what it meant to be STRONG. Motherhood is a chaotically, beautiful collision of physical, mental, emotional strength, as well as humility (which I think is its own version of strength). Being STRONG to me is giving one more harrowing push when a babe is crowning, prioritizing self-care when you are last on the list, staying calm when a toddler is tantruming in public, asking for help, and carrying more items in two arms you ever thought possible. To me, MAMAS are the definition of STRONG.


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