About Erin: 

I'm a wife, mama, movement instructor and program creator who's passionate about changing the conversation around women's health. I am grateful every day to live in sunny Santa Barbara with my husband, Rich, and two amazing kiddos, Carter (13) and Addison (12).


In 2017, I started Goula Gals, LLC, a company dedicated to providing fitness resources and programs for moms at all stages. I've learned that responsible self care, including smart movement and exercise, along with dedicated time among other women and self, is the key to thriving as mom. Soon after launching this business I came to recognize that COLLABORATION, or as Ian Somerhalder refers to it: "the ultimate concoction of skills, passions and knowledge that creates the most shatterproof form of changemaking," would be the key to broadening the conversation.


In January of 2020, I launched Motherhood Resource Collective. This project brings together wellness professionals across a variety of disciplines, collaborating to share simple and effective self-care resources with women and moms everywhere. Our goal is to provide online programs, live interactive events and community support forums for all stages of the motherhood journey.  When we provide tools to help moms thrive, our families, businesses and communities all flourish.

What does STRONG mean to you?

To me, ultimate strength is authentic vulnerability. It takes such courage to express your thoughts, feelings, desires and opinions, regardless of what others might think. I am continually inspired by the brave individuals who choose vulnerability and I dig deep everyday to unveil new layers of my true self. It is a constant and messy work in progress!

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