Session: Motherhood & The Art of Living: A Mindful Walking Workshop

This workshop is your opportunity to get outside and move your wise body as we explore what it means to live artfully through the motherhood journey. Learn to listen to your souls cravings and your bodies needs as we consider what spontaneous self-care practices you can more deeply incorporate in your life to support being your best mama self. 

About Danielle: I am a mama, entrepreneur, yoga teacher, leadership consultant, speaker, and lover of movement. I own The River Yoga, a two-location, boutique studio in Denver, CO and Young Warriors, a play-based yoga and mindful movement program for children. My experience as a successful "mompreneur" and background in Leadership Studies has also lead to work as a leadership consultant. I love collaborating with individuals and teams on expanding leadership capacities, crushing goals, building cohesion and living artfully. I am a passionate connector and there's nothing I enjoy more than bringing people (especially mamas and rad people-centric business) together to share in growth, story, ritual, movement, creative expression and self study. 


Of the many hats I wear, the best one is being a mama to my boys Hendrix (4) and Jasper (2). These two tiger cubs keep me on my toes and make me ever grateful to share this journey with a community of strong mamas. 


What does STRONG mean to you?

To me, strength is resiliently and continually choosing compassion, curiosity, patience and love. It is also remembering we are WORTHY of all of this in return. I don’t always get it right, but I am learning. This motherhood journey can feel relentless, but thankfully, showing up as a strong mama doesn’t mean I have to be perfect, tough or go it alone. On the contrary, for me, the strength of motherhood is so often found in the moments I slow down, lean in and let go. 

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