Session: Who am I if I'm not "just a mom?"

This talk is about putting ourselves at the top of our priority lists again! When our tanks are filled we are less triggered and more easily present and able to set a good example for our kids through our actions. We will dance through the topics of Motherhood, Leadership, Living a Purposeful Life and Entrepreneurship and how we can be a CONTRIBUTION to others - not just our little ones. 


You will walk away with clarity and a refreshed perspective on how you can BE for everyone who needs you most without feeling drained and unfulfilled in the process. Through a series of thoughtfully curated exercises, we will identify what we as individuals need most right now in order to bring our best selves forward to our parenting game and also to our lives outside of motherhood. It’s about creating  opportunities for self-expression in life and finding outlets that light you up realizing that this greatly enhances your life-experiences as a mother and beyond.

About Ciara: I am most passionate about my work. For the last decade I have worked as a Life Strategist with over 800 soulfully ambitious individuals to design the next iteration of themselves - to take on the role of a leader and become the person they know they’re capable of becoming. My clients have done extraordinary things - like write a book, heal a relationship, start a business, and become a mother.


Soulful discussions and deep connections are what lights me up most. My personal aim is to live a soulfully aligned life where I am able to use my talents, gifts, and strengths - all that I am - on a daily basis. This is when I feel most whole.


Coming from divorced families, my husband and I powerfully created the context of being in an “extraordinary marriage.” When times get tough, it's our fierce commitment to this promise that we made that becomes the driving force for us to reunite and build an even stronger foundation.

In my free time I am listening to podcasts while cooking Whole Food meals for my 3 very hungry boys.

What does STRONG mean to you?

To me, strong means having a willingness to say "I'm sorry." To surrender my expectations of having to "get it right." 


Strong is allowing myself to make mistakes knowing that I have no F'ING clue what "the-right-thing-to-do" is sometimes as a new mom. This is uncharted territory. And I am a mama of two spirited boys who seem convicted in knowing who they are.  


Strong is NOT putting on a front, pretending, or trying be the "perfect" parent. 


Strong is releasing expectations. It's allowing myself to be vulnerable and cry in front of my kids when I feel guilty, sad, or lonely. Strong means having the courage to talk to them about my real, raw experiences of what I'm dealing with in my life as a human being who is separate from them - in age appropriate language of course. 


Strong means being mindful of my words and actions, remembering that - all eyes are on me especially when I least expect it. Taking a moment to pause to respond vs. react is a sign of strength to me.


Strong means fiercely loving my children. Accepting that they are perfect just as they are and that I don't need to "change them." It's about parenting through setting a good example. 


Oh, and prayers...  lots of prayers. 


Finally, strong means having FAITH. And a willingness to lean on the unforeseen forces of the Universe. I have faith that God has my back and that I'm right where I need to be.

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