About Bine: I live in Denver with my husband, two boys (Alexander 16, Dean 14), Juno & Rosie our dogs, Chubs and Freebird the chickens, and five fish whose names I can't remember. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease which challenged both my work and personal life. Realizing I could no longer be a full time endurance coach and yoga teacher, I started to make some changes. While I still teach yoga, I teach mostly within Denver Public Schools where I work as an 5th grade teacher. I am a facilitator and board member for Rise Up Yoga, a Denver non-profit specializing in trauma-informed yoga in schools. Today, I stay healthy working out with my husband and, occasionally, my boys too. I also enjoy plenty on backyard chats with my amazing girlfriends who continually help me through this journey called Motherhood.


What does STRONG mean to you?

I used to think strong meant endurance races. If I wasn't swimming, biking or running, I didn't feel like I was strong or even "enough." Today, I know that is not true. Strong is being open, vulnerable, and willing to admit my shortcomings. It means being able to empower others to be compassionate towards themselves and realizing we are all in this together.  

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